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At Chez Jordan Oakville we carry a large variety of accessories, including headpieces, veils, jewelry, belts, and more. Book an accessories appointment with a consultant to find the perfect match to your dress!

1. Veils

Veils are the most iconic bridal accessory and have the power to change your whole wedding day look. Here is our veil guide to find the perfect look for your big day.

2. Headpieces

There are so many ways to accessorize on your wedding day ! Each of our brides has their own unique way of expressing themselves through their choices. Here are some of our accessory choices to add to your dream bridal look !

3. Earrings and Jewelery

So many of our brides and customers ask our consultants how to pick the perfect accessories to their look. Here are a few things to consider when deciding!


Consider the neckline of your gown. Keeping the neckline of your wedding dress in mind will make choosing accessories

Venture out of your comfort zone. Talk to your accessories consultant about earring styles that can amp up your overall wedding attire, or even change up your ceremony to reception look.

Consider your hairstyle.

Add a little sparkle! There is never too much sparkle on your wedding day !

Keep the look cohesive. When in doubt, always opt for an earring that matches the overall vibe of your dress and
wedding day look.

Ready to shop for your dress and accessories? Make an appointment *here*

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