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Pronovias has a fantastic design team with extensive experience in Bridal and Haute Couture dresses. Pronovias follows the strictest quality standards, for which has a top expert technical team that carries out exhaustive quality controls on each and every dress before it’s sent to the shops. During this process, they ensure that each dress is perfect and complies with the exact measurements provided.


In the Atelier, they’re constantly working towards innovation—not only through elegant and timeless silhouettes, but also by researching new fabrics, protecting the tradition and know-how of the house's pattern-making, but with a vision of continuous renewal in all collections.


                 Pronovias Atelier


It’s the haute couture collection, with innovative designs made in our Atelier in Barcelona, Spain. The dresses are handmade with artisanal and high-quality fabrics and materials. Designing and making an Atelier dress takes between 100 and 300 hours.   

                 Pronovias Privée

This is a collection with tight volumes, complex embroidery and extraordinary trains, which is perfect for all types of brides who want to feel like a princess on their special day: for both modern princesses, as well as the most romantic and glamorous ones.


This is the collection that most defines our brand, with a variety of dresses for all brides: those looking for the elegance of clean lines, as in the "breathtaking minimalist" collection, or those looking for dresses with embroidered fabrics like the ones in our "glamorous laces," to other collections that are more romantic and feature more oversized volumes, as in the "dramatic ball gowns," "ethereal romance” and "stylish classics" collections, and many more.

Pronovias gowns start at approximately $2900.

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